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Oh how I hate the stars
plaguing me each night
with cruel honesty
of their light
of how they hang
so far away,
nooses choking my hopes
with all they weigh.
Oh, how the stars hate me
waiting patiently 
to shoot through,
and away from me
carrying with them
wishes I'll never see.
Oh stars
how the horrors of your light
blind me when I look to you
for something each night.
But with the coming of each day
I always forget
and every night 
I'm forced to regret
when I look to your light.
Oh, how the stars hate me
and how I hate the stars
for the things which I see.
Oh how I hate the stars
Boredddddd. And decided to submit a piece for the first time in months.
She searched ,
with bandaged hands
and burned arms
for the warmth of a soul
in the caked faces
of false men.
She searched ,
with filthy hands
and blind eyes
for joys of life
in the graves
of those who knew 
only its tragedies.
She searched ,
with livid hands
and false smiles
for the beauty of reality
in the shadows
smeared upon her walls
and in the moonlight
glaring down upon her. 
She searched
with manicured hands
and lyrical words
for gods
in the approval
and recognition of men.
She searched 
until she finally found
the very things 
for which she searched
searched in her 
and found
but two hands 
with blind eyes
burned arms
false smiles
and lyrical words.
The picture on the pedestal
"Its so beautiful"
they always say
the picture of us
as we fell
so very far astray,
sometimes I wonder
what they see
if we look so far away
somewhere where "Its so beautiful"
could always be used
to fill the empty space,
I don't remember it
and nothing else
no other breath of that place
instead only the memory
of a long day
filled with quiet tears,
both of us
looking only at the ground
in abstract fears
of what we might find
in our eyes
in the setting behind
so instead
we look away
looking to find
something in the camera
rather than each other
and in some cowardly lull
we sat together
to get the picture
that's always been so beautiful.
scratch    scratch     scratch
the chalk scratches
against the board-they
cover their mouths  
but I never heard
I continuetotalk and
I'm sent away
sent running
to the Office.
tap                              tap                          tap
the pens tap
against the desks-they
see their test
but I never see,
I continuetotalk and
            I'm sent     away
sent walking
to the office.
the dust falls
against their souls-they
but I never felt,
I continuetotalk and
                                           I'm sent                     away
sent crawling
to the Office.
sent away
This is in NO WAY my style. No I instead copied one of my least favorite poet's style out of respect for them and the impact and hidden meaning such a stylized piece can have. Can you guess who i was copying?
I got no time for poetryyyyyyyyyy. School is killlllllllllling meeee. My professor has given me nearly a project a week for the past three week and my lit teacher has given me insane amounts of work. sorry guys


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Kriztian Johnson
United States
I"m a writer and i just want as many people as possible to see and like my works. I know this is mostly an art site but i want to change that because since i can't draw as beautifully as them i will weave stories that will astound. Hope you like my work.

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